Development and Testing of the Concept

1. Idea Generation (Concept)

The new product improvement system begins with ideas or standards. Where do new thoughts come from? They can come from personnel, companies, current and potential customers, management, competitors, and yes, own family and friends.

ACTION: The Product Development group have to have and/or set up a gadget to capture all of the ideas and rating the concepts based totally at the business enterprise’s pursuits.

2. Idea Screening

Step 2 is idea screening. This step is a part of the method to display screen the “sure” and “no’s”. This process is essential to reduce the ideas and pick the decent ones. The manner ought to take a few days or even weeks, relying on the organization and the approval assessment. The ideas chosen are the ones the company experience will turn into profitable services or products.

ACTION: What occurs to the concepts not chosen? They ought to be stored for feasible future possibilities. A corporation need to never throw out ideas; they’ll be treasured later or for a future customer.

Three. Development and Testing of the Concept

The “yes” products circulate to the development and testing stage. What is the goal marketplace, this will decide what concept is advanced and tested.

Developing the concept:

For instance, if the idea is a widget – is your goal market singles; married couples; seniors, and so on. If now not recognized, it will be difficult to test and gift your enterprise case.

The concepts have to be decided to be meaningful. In the following sub-degree, principles are tested.

Testing the idea:

To check, your goal clients should be identified. The capability customers can test a idea many methods, a photograph of the product, a physical product test, and use of the product. During the testing, several questions need to be requested; such as – is there a client want or need?